Friday 22 March 2013


We all like to talk, don’t we?  Isn't this exactly what we should be doing with our customers, new and old?  And, when I say talk I really mean communicate. It would be so easy to write a long list of questions we’d like truthful answers to. Why do you come to my shop, do think we’re good value for money, how can I get you to spend more, why do you buy my competitor’s products, do you prefer shopping online, what do you think of our customer service?  Of course, it wouldn't necessarily be a good idea to be so direct but the more opportunities we create for communicating with our customers the more likely we are to build long and lasting relationships.

It’s easy to forget that throughout the day we’re communicating without even realising it.  We communicate through our shop windows, through the in store experience, through our body language, through our websites, through our point of sale messages, through social media and that’s before we even open our mouth!  Although, I suppose social media is opening our mouth!  Successful businesses prioritise customer engagement and create opportunities to communicate with customers on a day to day business to build that all important trust. 

Developing those necessary skills to deliver a friendly and effective customer engagement strategy doesn't have to be a hard task and you can make it a lot easier on yourself by observing what some of the big players in the retail sector do through their displays and POS in their physical shops, websites, advertising campaigns, pr and of course, their customer service.

So, who are the retailers you admire and what can you learn from them that would help your business.  Maybe you could teach them a thing or too!  I know the retailers I find inspirational (large & small) and i'll share these with you at a later date, but who are yours?

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