Monday 23 December 2013



Another year is nearly over and we find ourselves so close to Christmas.  I hope 2013 has been a good one for you and if it hasn’t, look back because you may find there’s something you’ve learnt that will have a positive impact on where you go from here.

During the year we’ve heard a bit more positive news about the economy. My feeling about 2013 is that it’s been a bit of a transitional year.  During times of change there’s always uncertainty and apprehension and this can in turn make us look too hard for the right answers. Sometimes it’s best to step back and just go with the flow without forcing anything or trying to hard to make it happen.

Anyway, enough of my thoughts because the purpose of this blog post is to wish you a merry Christmas but, one last thing.  Let’s promise to make 2014 a great year to deliver some ground breaking retail campaigns, let’s strengthen our visual identity, let’s focus on our customers and deliver what they want,  let’s tempt them with every technique and skill we can deploy to bring them into our businesses and make 2014 the most successful ever.

So finally, I hope you get time to enjoy the festivities with your family and friends, take time to review the year, wind down, relax and remind yourself of what’s important in this life.  When you begin 2014 you’ll be ready to make it your best year ever, because if you put in the work and really believe it, you will.

A very merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!



  1. Wise words from you, Sir Peter:-)

    It's been a pleasure to meet you virtually:-)
    Thank you for all the visual stimulation and I hope to meet properly in 2014.

    Have a wonderful break with your family.

  2. You too Tina and let's make that a definite for 2014. Happy Holidays :-)