Monday, 13 January 2014


So we’re off, a new year, new resolutions, new ideas, new energy, new gym membership (just joking) and new dreams to pursue.

Apart from the usual gifts that Christmas brings I think the main one is the chance to evaluate where we are with our lives and return our default setting. One of my favourite times of the year is just after Boxing Day before the New Year kicks in. This is a great time for reflection, a time to think about what’s happened over the year and learn from what’s past.  Looking forward to what the New Year may offer we should remind ourselves of all the people and things that are important to us, what really makes us tick and the things that we love in work and our personal life that make us the people we are.

Of course the challenge is how to keep this ‘good’ feeling going, not just for the first week of 2014 but for the whole year.  We all know that during the coming year we will be tested and challenged but if we can just hold onto that 'Pre-New Year' feeling we might just stand a chance of achieving everything we want and more.

I know, it’s easy to say and harder to do but all the good things in life require effort and commitment.  My first job for 2014 was to strip back my concept wall – a black wall in my studio where in words and pictures I put up my ideas, to do lists, goals, dreams and wish lists.  Although I wouldn't count 2013 as one of my favourite years, when I cast my eye over everything I’ve taken off my 2013 wall I realise just how much has been achieved, even chipping away at some of those bigger ambitions and long term goals.

So, this year it's time to edit.  2014 is going to be a good year but to make stuff happen it’s time to give more attention to the important things, be more realistic with time, (however long you think it will take x 3), set fewer goals and remain focussed so the tasks can be simplified and the jobs get done.  To help me achieve my goals I’ve added a few images and words to my 2014 wall to remind me of that 'Pre-New Year' feeling - I intend to look at it every day!

Whatever your dreams, goals, ideals are for 2014, hang on to them, create you visual reference point and remember to stay focussed and just keep going…

Best of luck for your 2014

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  1. Pinned it, it's so good!
    Thank you for the inspiration.... you make good points!

  2. You're too kind Tina. Look forward to meeting up in 2014 :-)