Wednesday 12 February 2014


There’s a real art to stacking stuff. Just to put this into context I’m taking about merchandising products in a shop, and this doesn’t mean pile it high and sell it cheap.  In fact just because it’s piled high doesn’t necessary mean cheap!  Some products look more appealing stacked in piles while others need space to show off their aesthetic appeal.

It’s not too difficult to pick out the sort of products that will sell more if they are placed in greater numbers. So how do you merchandise your chosen products to increase sales?  Well, firstly you’ve got to think about your customers and how they shop. The finished display has to be ‘shoppable’, it has to make the customer feel comfortable, make them want to linger and touch so all products need to be accessible to the customer making them easier to buy.  Sounds easy enough doesn’t it but it’s surprising how many retailers still make it difficult for customers to shop!

Of course, we also need some visual impact because this draws the customer in. I often use the example of the fruit bowl to illustrate what I mean about this. There’s nothing more tempting than seeing the fruit bowl laden with fruit and if your household is anything like ours it soon goes from overflowing to half empty. But after the initial surge the temptation to take the fruit slows down considerably until eventually we’re left with an overripe banana and a wrinkly orange. Merchandising product is not that different to the fruit bowl you’ve got to keep it fully laden and remember it needs to look as good on day six as it did on day one!

Stacking products is often a good way to merchandise although it takes some skill.  Done well and with a bit of ingenuity it will create visual impact but in a more relaxed way making the customer feel comfortable which will make them want to shop.  

               The longer a shopper remains in a store the more he or she will buy and the amount of time
                    a shopper spends in a store depends on how comfortable the experience is.’ Paco Underhill

shoppable stack

orderly stack

creative stack

structured stack

clever stack

informal stack

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