Tuesday, 25 March 2014


For small independent retailers getting customers through the shop door can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, especially for our high street retailers.  Unlike large shopping centres where shops have the luxury of dispensing with their doors the high street is a completely different matter. For a start off we have the uncertainties of the British weather and just lately this has presented enormous challenges for many of our town centres.

Having an open door policy is always a good start but this isn’t always possible.  Sometimes a bit more creative thinking is required if you want potential customers to make that brave move and step across the threshold into your shop. I’ve written many times on this blog about getting customer attention and ways to strengthen your street presence, Sign Language, Express Yourself, Out of the Box to name just a few.  One of the main problems for the small retailer is customers hate to feel trapped.  They like to browse without feeling uncomfortable or under obligation to buy so small retailers first need to think about how they can facilitate this. It’s always about putting the customer first; everything you do needs to be customer focussed.

So this is a heads up to those retailers that manage to find ways to open up their shops by taking the inside out, making themselves more accessible from the street.  I’m not advocating that all retailers should turn themselves into street sellers because let’s face it the last thing we need is some ramshackle high street jumble sale.  We do need an element of control here, but with a bit of imagination it is possible to extend your retail offer and take the inside out. You’ll not only reach more customers but help make your high street a place where people want to be

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