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TAKE 5 - a collection of themed images curated from the world of retail

All packed and ready to go...

            I love to see something unusual outside a shop, something that grabs my attention
            I've written about this sort of thing often enough (outside my shop, bikeways, express
            yourself).  So, how can I resist not writing about the little red fiat outside the Merci 
            store in Paris. This is probably one of my favourite shops, if not my absolute favourite.
            It would be very easy for me to write about this store every week. The team at
            Merci have a unique and creative approach to art direction and merchandising, always
            delivering a visual feast for their customers.

Bought this now we've just got to get it home...

            There’s always a sense of humour and scale with the way they use this little red fiat, 
            always managing to raise a smile.  In fact, I think this little red mascot is now a main 
            attraction.  What an inspired idea and asset to brand recognition, something that
            other retailers and businesses could learn from.   

Sunday best...

            Dressed up and ready to go, here we are wrapped in a Liberty print on its own patch
            of lawn, all we need is the tea party!  This concept of taking a prop and dressing it up
            opens up all sorts of ideas and directions for future retail campaigns and marketing.
            What a great customer talking point too!  Where to next, Chelsea Flower Show?

If you stay in one place long enough this is what happens...

            This red fiat is now recognised as being part of the Merci brand so it could be taken
            anywhere to promote the business. How clever is that?  Was this originally intended
            as an one off installation that has since grown into this ongoing story and point of
            reference for Merci customers. I don't know but, whatever the  answer I think it's 

Picnic time...

            You have to wonder how many more visual interpretations can be made to this little
            car. I think there's a lot of life left in this one. Is it time for this little fiat to have a mate?

All the best
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