Tuesday 15 July 2014


            Sometimes creating an eye catching shop display can be easier than anticipated 
            especially when you can use the products you’re selling to do the work for you.  No
            additional props, no words just the items you sell in your shop but merchandised en
            mass.  Here are five examples; hopefully you’ll see what I mean!

            Toms, a great retailer with a social conscience.  This shop window has everything
            I like and everything that works, innovation, repetition of product, product blocking, 
            limited colour palette and the added bonus its flying!

            Sometimes the products will do the work for you as can be seen here on this table in
            the Heals store, London.  A bit of carefully curated product selection and we’re done!

            Obviously, Merci are not superstitious about putting up umbrellas in doors, or should
            that be, in store.  If you’re going to sell umbrellas at least put them up and make some
            visual impact.  Full marks to Merci, Paris!

             Taking the colour wheel to a whole new level, letting the shoes do the talking!

            Sometimes the product, the colour, the texture, the shape make merchandising a
            joy and before you know it you've created an attention grabbing wall of colour.
            Up selling at its best!

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