Monday, 24 November 2014


Some retailers know this stuff and others don’t. So if you don’t, or you’re not quite sure, read on, and if do, just keep doing what you’re doing because I’m sure you’re very successful!

In this instance product placement is not about the products used in film and TV shows to promote a brand but more to do with placing products on your shop shelves and display tables to maximise sales. How you position products on your shop shelves, the spacing, the shelf height and where your popular products sit has a huge impact on sales. So if you haven’t tried this before here’s a few tips.

  • Understand how your customer shops your shop. What do they do when they first enter your shop, where do they go first, where do they stop, where do they look and what do they pick up.  Ninety per cent of shoppers all do the same thing so if you understand how they navigate your retail space you’ll soon realise where the best selling spaces are.
  • When it comes to shelving the old adage ‘eye level is buy level’ still rings true so traditionally  this is where you would put your best sellers.  But, people tend to look down so I would say the shelf below eye level is probably the better selling space.
  • Shelves below knee height are not good selling spaces – customers don’t like bending down and most packaging is designed to be viewed face on which is not a lot of good when it’s facing the floor. Keep this area for storage or repeat/back-up stock. 
  • Try to arrange your products in vertical columns or drops. We human beings are vertical and we scan up and down first. 
  • Ninety percent of us are right handed so the shelf to the right of your best selling product drop will also work well as a selling space. Use this for partner or associated products if you can to increase the average spend. 
  • Keep your product edit tight and try and colour block as much as possible. From a distance are brains can’t pick out lots of detail, everything looks confusing, but blocks of colour stand out and attract customer attention. 
  • Top shelves are best for display and showing your customer what lies beneath. Use this space for dramatic eye catching display. 
  • Keep shelves stocked up with packaging facing out. Don’t space products too thinly as it will slow down sales (unless you’re in the luxury market). Think of this like the fruit bowl at home, when its full of fresh fruit everyone helps themselves but once you get down to the last speckled banana and waxy apple no one’s interested. 
  • Maintain your housekeeping duties. Products need to be clean and so do price tags so replace dirty or peeling price labels with new clean opens (old price tags = old stock). 
  • Rotate stock to maintain interest and to keep things fresh. Always put your best sellers in the best selling spaces (hot-spots) and you will sell more. Don’t waste this space on poor sellers or you will sell less. 

These are just a few of the basics but get these right and you'll soon be raising the bar even higher...

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