Monday 30 March 2015


So if you've ever been to one of my retail workshops or are familiar with my work you’ll know that I’m a great advocate of using colour to attract attention. It’s relatively easy to do and if used wisely (see colour wheel notes below) will have dramatic effect and be sure to get you noticed.

During our day to day routine most of the time we are on automatic pilot, particularly when going from A to B. We’re creatures of habit, we like familiarity and being in our comfort zone, our brain assumes everything to be the same which on the whole it probably is!  Of course the problem with this is that we stop looking and taking notice of things which isn’t something that works in your favour if you’re a retailer!

A new shop opening on the high street will trigger a change in the subconscious mind for the people on the street. Their urban landscape has changed and they become curious. So for new retailers those first few weeks of opening will see lots of activity, business will be bright and brisk but, after time the newness wears off and for the people on the street its back to the familiar – that’s if you let it!

This can be particularly challenging for independent retailers who don’t have the resources or cash flow to be constantly introducing new stock and refreshing their product ranges as bigger stores do.

So here’s a simple approach to attract customers. First of all look at your stock and decide what you have most of in tones or shades of one colour. Choose the best pieces for your new window or in store display. Colour the background/display boxes to match the products, either a tone lighter or darker depending what materials are available. If you’re feeling confident you could try using one of the alternative colour options for the background as described below (see colour wheel notes). There are a variety of inexpensive materials you can use to do this, for instance matt emulsion paint, fadeless coloured paper or coloured casement fabric (contact me if you want more information).  And, if it’s for a window display remember to edit your product range, you don’t need to put everything in the window, just the best pieces. The objective is to get your customers attention - you’ve got less than three seconds to do this!

Using colour in this way will make a dramatic difference to what your customers see. Colour can have a real positive effect on customers, lighten their mood and put them in a good place, which is exactly where they need to be if you want them to stay and shop…





Use colours in the same triangle segment (tonal colour) for eye catching effect. Colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel (contrasting colour) will create dramatic impact. If you want a more sophisticated look use colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel (complimentary colour)

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