Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Point of sale display, usually found in the most prominent areas on the shop floor, should do exactly as it says on the tin, point the customer to a specific product range or promotion. It may be a very old retail practice but with our modern knowledge of how customers shop it’s still relevant today to help maximise sales.

To see some obvious examples of point sale display you don’t have to go further than the perfume floor in your nearest department store. Here you can see for yourself how brands combine advertising print with product merchandising and display to please their loyal fan base and entice their customers to buy.

One company I particularly admire is L’Occtiane. What I like about this brand is how they manage to combine so much in their relatively small shops, never feeling cluttered and always with a sense of space.

Their use of point of sale is often simple and unfussy occupying a very small space within their shop. It never looks out of place, always sitting comfortably within its surroundings and still managing to draw customers’ attention. It’s like visual soft sell.

L’Occitane may be a big business with a strong brand identity but you never feel this when you’re in their stores, it’s more like being in an independent shop, something independent retailers may want to consider when they’re trying to promote their products and services…

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