Monday 15 June 2015


A good retail offer is made up of many things. Some of these things seem like tiny insignificant details but a truly successful retail business is the sum of its parts and every detail counts.

If you’re operating a bricks and mortar shop then you know getting customers to stop and cross your threshold is vitally important, especially in today’s fast changing world where creative competitors are constantly pulling more stuff out their bag to win over customers.

As I’ve stated many times before your shop front is the front page of your business. Your product offer may be supreme, your shop interior superb but if your shop front is looking a bit tired then your loosing customers which means you’re depleting your profits.

It isn’t just about making your shop front look good, it needs to be inviting too! Here are a few tips to consider
  • Clean windows – this is an absolute basic, dirty windows means you don’t care and will do little to enhance your products.
  • Tidy and clean paintwork – if you’re suffering from flakey paintwork then you need to do something about it and don’t forget paintwork/plastic/metalwork needs washing down once an a while to keep it looking pristine.
  • Fresh planting makes a difference – it’s an indication of life but remember, plants need looking after. I’ve seen far too many dead conifers outside shops and this could be seen as a representation of what’s within. And one last thing on the topic of planting, try to be a bit inventive!
  • Seating - if you’ve got the space provide some outside seating. There’s a major lack of resting places in our high streets.  A simple bench says to your customer, be our guest and take a rest - added value and great customer service without the words!
  • Props - interesting and appropriate props will help you to stand out from your competitors but remember to change them every now and again to keep customer interest.
  • Clean threshold and immediate pavement area - don't just assume this is someone elses responsibility.  There’s something touchingly nostalgic about seeing a shop keeper sweeping the pavement immediately outside their shop at the start of the day. It sets a good example and shows they care! 
As I said at the beginning of this blog, small details but all very important to the whole...

Pedlars with kerb appeal

 Biscuiteers with kerb appeal

 The Little Mule Cafe with kerb appeal

 more kerb appeal...

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