Monday, 27 July 2015


Every shop deserves a feature wall to add a bit of va va voom to the shopping experience. The luckier retailers, the ones with space and height, can do this quite easily but retailers with smaller shops have to be a bit more inventive.

Consumers today want more from their shopping experience so retailers need to provide a bit more theatre within their stores.  It is no longer an option to fill the shop floor with wall to wall shop fittings, or worse, Slatwall.

Here are five different approaches...

Paint is an easy alternative to creating a feature wall and the cash and wrap area is a good place to calm things down a bit or, make a bit of a statement as in this example.  I love everything about this scheme, the limited colour palette, the materials and finishes and of course, the message, simple but strong...

This is what many would think of as a feature wall, a collection of carefully chosen pictures artfully arranged on the wall, or in this case, textured brick wall adding an extra bit of pizzazz!  This really highlights the merchandise on the table in front and is a good example of a versatile technique adaptable to any size, any theme, any space...

One of the lucky ones, a retailer with space and height and, as demonstrated here, used to maximum effect. The lighting emphasises the pinnacle of this display and your eye is naturally drawn up to the top of this merchandised wall. A dramatic combination of props and product!

The fashionable chalkboard has now become an art form in its own right. Used here to good effect creating a strong focal point to the shop interior but also delivering product information to the customer. One of the better examples of how to use a chalkboard I think!

And finally bringing us right up to date, the digital wall. Not only does this retailer have the space and height but the budget to go with it, and the staircase of course! If you’re going to put on a show Victoria’s Secret know just how to do it, retail entertainment at its absolute best!

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