Monday 19 January 2015


Christmas has gone, the sales are nearly over and it’s time to gear up to the next seasonal retail opportunity – Valentine ’s Day. We shouldn't underestimate how important this is the retail calendar and whilst most purchases during Valentines will be on chocolates, flowers and greeting cards this doesn't mean retailers shouldn't be embracing this annual event, regardless of what you sell.

Don’t underestimate the power of love. Here are five retail displays that caught my eye.

This shop window installation form Tiffany & Co is a definite eye catcher. Red love letters against a strong green backdrop a great play on colour contrasts. It’s nice to see a different take on Valentines instead of the usual heart shapes. Now who wouldn’t want to find this lot in their post box on Valentine’s Day?

This John Lewis campaign form 2012 demonstrates just how well you can embrace Valentine’s Day with a whole mix of products, as long as they’re mostly red, of course!

This is just dam right clever. Look how the clothes on the mannequins form the missing corner of the heart. This has it all, simple strong colour palette, strong shape and innovative design. You’ll be able to spot this from the other end of the street…

My favourite combination, words and imagery, this clever mix of both does it for me!  The physical objects clearly tell the story conveyed in the words.  A perfect  partnership…

This is very subtle and it takes real skill to pull this off. This is one of those visual merchandising installations that once you've started you've got to keep going because it probably looks pretty awful during the construction stage. You don’t just need skill to do this but confidence too…

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