Wednesday 7 January 2015


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So here we are again New Year, new start, new ambitions, new dreams…Hopefully the holidays have given you a chance to return to your default setting in readiness for 2015.

A New Year is the perfect time to start making new plans and dreaming of bigger and better things to come. At this time of the year we often find ourselves making the same plans as previous years, eat healthy, get fit, be more efficient with our time, be more successful, get the work/life balance in order, you know the score… Sometimes I think we spend too much time focussing on the big goals and forget the small steps that are an essential part of the plan to help us realise our dreams and ambitions.

There are many steps to the top of the staircase where the big dreams and goals reside and yet most of us only see the reward when we reach the top. All big dreams involve many steps and it’s these individual steps that are the important bit of the journey that eventually get us to where we want to be. They are part of your master plan so this year give them some deeper thought, make them achievable and celebrate every time you reach the next step.

Keep the vision, stop the clock and go with the flow, think big, act small and keep going, 2015 could take you further than you ever dreamed…

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Lao Tzu

All the best for 2015

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