Monday 30 September 2013


‘Out of the box’, how often do we hear this?  My guess is probably too much. It’s one of those over used comments that is well past its sell by date. But, what if you take it quite literally as some of these retailers have done.

We’ve all witnessed some of the incredible jaw dropping window displays in the major cities across the world.  Huge budgets creating mould breaking window displays to stop us in our tracks and grab our attention. However, some retailers have gone one step further and have taken their design installations through the glass and out of the window on to the building.

Back in the nineties I think Mary Portas may have been one of the first when she commissioned Thomas Heatherwick to create an astonishing sculptural form that flowed in and out of the windows of Harvey Nichols.  Stop me in my tracks, or what!

Well, I think we’ve had a few more since and even though they may not have been on the same scale they’ve still achieved the same reaction. So if you’re an independent retailer maybe this is a good time to try something different, something out of the box.

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