Monday 8 June 2015


What do you think is the perfect shop door – the one that’s open!  Retailers should never under estimate the pulling power of their shop door. This is the gateway to your sales so why keep it closed?

Everyone talks about the importance of the shop windows and maintaining a high standard of display but the shop door often gets overlooked. A closed shop door is another obstacle that gets in the way of encouraging customers into your retail space.  OK, so I know the door is a necessity if you’re located on the high street and if you’re a luxury retailer or high class jeweller then an open door policy is definitely not for you but, for the majority of retailers it is!

A closed shop door is unwelcoming; it’s another barrier to the customer so whenever the weather is reasonable keep the door open and it will make a huge difference to customer footfall.

The other thing to be avoided is posters and notices plastered all over the door. If you’re trying to do your bit for the community set up a community notice board inside your shop. You only need a couple of things on your shop door, your opening times and website (which should have all your contact information on including your social media platforms). At night time you should be encouraging your customers to have a sneaky peak into your shop. Better still when you're closed create a mini display in full view from your shop door and change it every night.

This may seem like a small detail but all these little details add up to maximising sales.  As the saying goes retail is in the detail...

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