Tuesday 22 October 2013


Last week it was all about pop ups.  Popup books being the starting point but in general the blog was about pop up shops.  Well this week it’s about cardboard and like last week my interest started at a young age. 

Most, if not all children like playing with boxes.  The packaging is often more fun to a child than the contents, depending on the size of the box of course!  Well I was no different really and loved nothing more than cutting up cardboard boxes to turn my current ground breaking big idea into a tangible object. I made everything, shops (of course), buildings, aeroplanes and probably my favourite an ultra modern super fast train carriage inspired by Thunderbirds. Unlike today, back then discarded cardboard boxes were a bit more of a rarity and not that easy to come by so I was very protective of my stash!  In fact it became the family joke that for Christmas all I wanted from Santa was some old boxes, a role of adhesive tape and a pair of sturdy scissors.  I managed to ruin every pair of scissors I came into contact with and still do!

This was obviously the early beginnings of my creative career, not that I was aware of it at the time, or anyone else for that matter!  Needless to say I still like cardboard.  It’s versatile, inexpensive and with a bit of creative thought it’s amazing what you can do with it.

Cardboard in itself is a relatively easy material to work with and it’s cheap so it’s an ideal material to use for creating products and props to liven up a space. Its perfect for retailers to build innovative structures for visual merchandising, props, shop fittings and pop up events.

So just in case you’re looking for ideas for an event, space, shop here are a few photos to inspire and if you want to know what else I've made from cardboard you’ll have to ask.  Happy cutting, sticking and painting! 

Lots of cardboard tubes. Retail project by Grimshaw Architects for John Lewis

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