Monday 8 September 2014


I’m always on the lookout for good visual merchandising images and this is one of my favourites. It's a good example of some basic visual merchandising techniques combined to deliver a professional finish, and here’s why…

1.    As illustrated by the white triangle the products form a basic pyramid shape.  This is the 'go to' shape if you’re really not sure how to set up a display, visually strong, customer friendly and guaranteed to work.
2.   The chandelier may be hanging from the ceiling but visually it’s very much part of the table display. It hangs at the perfect height and position being slightly to the left of centre adding a bit of quirkiness to catch the customers eye, which is always a good thing. It links beautifully with the products on the table below.
3.   The restricted colour palette strengthens the visual presence of the display. Colour is the most effective technique to use within the merchandisers skill set and it can have the most dramatic effect.
4.   Quantities of the same product stacked in piles to make a very 'shoppable' display and enhancing the customer experience.
5.   Multiple levels that strengthen the display structure, add interest and create a customer friendly shop fitting unit that has a bit more character than something manufactured in a workshop.
6.   Perfect combination of display and product merchandising, capturing the customer’s attention but also making it comfortable for the customer to shop
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  1. Every store must be very creative in their retail store design. This can help them with their marketing.

    1. Totally agree Octavio and so much better for the customer too!