Tuesday 26 November 2013


John Breed, shoe salon, Breuninger

Red and yellow and pink and green… as the song goes!  Now, I wouldn’t necessarily want to see all these colours together at the same time but that doesn’t mean I’m not a lover of colour. My home may be decorated in shades of white but I do love colour and see it as an important part of our lives.

Colour can have a huge impact on the way we feel and how we see things so it’s no surprise that in the retail sector colour can make a significant impact on persuading customers to engage with the store and buy their products.

The one thing that always gets my attention is colour blocking – basically grouping products together that are the same colour or tones of the same colour.  This simple procedure is probably one of the most effective visual merchandising techniques to master.  Why is it so effective, because we’re bombarded by so many images throughout the day that sometimes we look at stuff but don’t really see it.  As soon as you block colours together you make it easier for the brain to process the information, it creates a strong visual statement that will draw the customer to it.  Colour can be very persuasive and if used with thought and creativity will deliver a more shoppable store and inevitably that will increase sales.

These days you don’t have far to see retailers using colour to create eye catching shop window displays and in store merchandising.  It may be a basic principle but it works. 

Selfridges - master colour blockers


Anthropologie - where else!

And now it's green at Watson Kennedy

Eye catching at diptyque

Colour or Taste

It's in the title

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  1. Go on, admit it, you wrote that post for me...... go on....:-))

    What's there not to love? Colours, lots of them, colour blocking, great examples:-)
    I so loved that Selfridges had that part of the basement transformed into yellow... so cool. Now I'm reminiscing about the Olympics....

    Here, take a look at this:

    1. Just for you Tina :-)

      Bring back the Olympics...