Monday 23 September 2013


Space is always a premium in shops and particularly so for independents with many retailers often trading from very small spaces.  Every square metre has a duty to deliver sales either directly from the products on display or, indirectly from the spaces used for promotional activity. 

One space that’s often overlooked is the void below the ceiling. In most conventional shops this accounts for a third of the volume and from a distance this space becomes a real focal point.
Often this will be seen as a clear empty expanse of nothingness floating above the shop fittings or at worst a messy collection of hanging signage. 

Clearly, in terms of display space the ceiling height plays an important part with what can be achieved.  The higher the ceiling the more drama you can achieve, although getting to it might be a bit more of a challenge.

If the back wall isn’t a prominent feature this empty space is a great place to create displays that draw customers’ attention and really make them look which in turn makes the space directly below prime selling space.  It’s so much easier to get customer attention at this level than on the ground where the distractions are many. So, my advice is don’t overlook this space, use it well and whatever you put in this space it will be seen! 

Here are a few shops that have use this ceiling void to great effect. If you’ve seen anything on your travels or even created anything like this in your own shop send me photo.

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