Monday 16 September 2013


I’ve always been an advocate of table top selling.  We’re naturally predisposed to look at things on a table.  Every craft fair, jumble sale, country show and summer fete employ the simple table as the basis for their shop so, it makes perfect sense to adopt this format in a physical shop.

I love to see a shop table piled with products, customers are naturally drawn to it.  Whether its a few designer jumpers artfully folded or an array of themed products cleverly grouped together, it just works.  It’s a simple and effective way for retailers to promote their products and maximise their sales.

It makes it easy for customers to shop. It’s a shop within a shop, an edited collection of related products arranged in a confined space, a perfect product landscape to capture our interest and tempt us to pick things up. It needs to be easy to circumnavigate with space to encourage browsing on all sides, that’s four opportunities to sell.  Located in a highly visible and brightly illuminated space, a ‘hot-spot’, an area where customers will always gravitate to.  The simple table is a familiar piece of furniture, it breaks down barriers; it’s less of a shop fitting and more of something we’re very comfortable with.

Here are a few table displays that caught my eye. If you use tables in your shop to promote your products or seen any table displays that caught your eye send me some photos and I’ll share them on the blog.

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