Monday 7 October 2013


Yes it really is, in fact its twelve weeks and decreasing - fast!  The signs are already out there on the high street! So just in case you haven’t given it any attention I thought I’d give all you indie retailers a gentle prod to awaken the Christmas spirit and get the creative juices flowing.

Christmas is always an important time for retailers and an opportunity to get a bit more cash ringing through the tills.  It nicely wraps up the year, no pun intended.  However, I’ve got a suggestion for you; why not think of Christmas as the start of 2014 and the beginning of your new marketing plan. Consider what you will you follow it up with to engage your customers in the first few months of 2014 and keep the excitement going?

So, this is the year to turn your Christmas retail offer into a campaign, consider your customers, who they are what they need, what message will they respond to and then sell it to them.  And apologies if this is sounding a bit commercial but if you’re a retailer that’s exactly what it is.  It doesn’t mean you can’t impart some true Christmas spirit to your customers, after all that’s added value!

 John Lewis Christmas advert 2011 - capturing all our emotions

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