Monday 14 October 2013


The pop up has become something of a regular phenomenon over the last 5 years or so. In one form or another it’s been around much longer but today pop up seems to be the preferred description for any temporary shop/bar/cafe that appears on the high street. I sometimes think that the term pop up has been misused. There’s a big difference between an empty building that’s taken over on a short term residency and a pop up.

As a child I loved pop up books, in fact I still do. The anticipation as you turn the page and the surprise as the picture magically transforms into three dimensions. The perfect partnership of creativity and engineering that combines to form this amazing visual experience.

This is how I think pop ups work best. They spring to life, appear in a flash. They bring anticipation, excitement and creativity, a different way of doing stuff to maximise sales in a short space of time and then they move on!  

A pop up is a designers dream; it brings many challenges and an opportunity to extend the possibilities of a space.  It doesn’t necessarily need lots of money chucking at either but it will need a big slice of innovation with lashings of creativity on top.

With the current state of some of our high streets there are plenty of opportunities to create exciting pop ups for both existing businesses and those trying to get a presence on the high street. So if you’re thinking about creating a pop up, here’s a few photos which might just feed your imagination.

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