Tuesday 29 October 2013


Nature did a pretty good job when she designed the Christmas tree. This beautifully shaped tree has become a visual focal point for the festive season. It features in many Christmas advertising campaigns, on Christmas stationery and of course in the home.  It’s a familiar shape and something we’re comfortable with so it’s always a pleasure to see it as the main feature in Christmas retail displays up and down the high street.

This got me thinking about Christmas trees and retail display. To merchandise products well you need a good structure to work with, particularly if you’re selling small products and products of varying size. The shape is important too and one of my favourite shapes is the triangle. The triangle is strong, its different, it has height and its well balanced, easily recognisable from a distance. So if you combine these elements together this is what you get.

   Structure + Shape (triangle) + Christmas + Dollop of Creativity = Ingenious Display

So just to get you ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ or customers ‘Shoppin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ here’s a few retail interpretations of the simple Christmas tree. I’ve added the music track at the bottom so jig along!

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  1. Do I want to know about Xmas yet? Simple answer: NOOOOO!!!
    Thanks for the visuals though:-)

    1. Oh humbug. It must be all happening where you are - exciting times! Seasons greetings - I bet no one's said that to you yet! :-))