Tuesday 12 November 2013


A question for you, does the public face of your shop or business express your personality? 
If it’s your shop then we’re referring to your street presence.  If it’s your website we’re probably talking about your home page.

Businesses need a personality. When we think about big business their personality is their brand, but what about the smaller guys?

In the main potential customers surfing the internet are likely to be stationary, viewing your home page from wherever their location maybe, that's if they've managed to find you in the first place.  On the high street its a different matter, customers are on the move so you need to work a little harder to express yourself.

I’ve often written (talked) about the importance of eye catching shop window display but on its own is this enough.  Do you need more to communicate who you are. The shop building and facade are the packaging around the business but as with all good product stories the packaging is usually the thing that attracts our interest and tempts us to buy.

In today’s ever competitive marketplace your street presence can say a lot about you, your personality and ultimately your business.  So maybe it’s time to stand out from the crowd, be a bit more extrovert, be daring, be different, visually express what your business is all about nad communicate its personality.  Go on, express yourself

Express Yourself

On the street

Read all about it!

Street life

Street presence

Show stopper

Vivienne Westward & Malcolm McLaren 
express themselves back in the 70s

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  1. Hello Peter - I found you through Tina's blog. :)

    Great ideas. LOVE the first image!
    Never mind the shop - this would be perfect for either one of my daughter's bedrooms!!! :D *scuttles off to pin it*

  2. Thanks Chi. I love the first image too. Simple but incredibly effective.