Tuesday 21 January 2014


I think it’s fair to say we all have some basic understanding of the film industry.  The production of a film goes through many stages but once the filming is complete off it goes to the editing suite to be transformed into the final cut, which is what we the public get to see in the cinema.

In retail, the job of the buyer is not much different to the film editor. Like making a film those savvy buyers working for our most successful retailers know that the buying process goes through many stages before the final edit is presented in store to the customer.

We, the customers think we need lots of choice to tempt us to buy but in reality what we need is a carefully edited collection of products that makes our buying decision easier.  What’s more, the research is out there to back this up!

Fashion buyers get this as do their customers but editing a collection of products ready for the marketplace applies to other retail sectors too!

This is probably one of the most important times of the year for retail buyers. They get the chance to see lots of new products and trends to help them plan ahead for the coming season.

In these challenging times when everyone is trying to cut costs, maximise sales and, by that process increase profit margins, the final product edit before it hits the shop floor is more important than ever!

For any new or inexperienced retail buyers about to visit the major trade shows first and foremost think about your customers, do your research, have at least a basic concept plan in mind of what your customers need from your shop, find the products, gather the information, go away and review your initial selections, edit, review and then make the final cut.

In 2014 let’s make our high streets standout from the crowd and be the best of the best.

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