Tuesday 25 February 2014


I’ve visited this topic before but this always gets my attention and I can guarantee it will always get you customer’s attention too.  Stuff hanging in the air, products, props, merchandise, whatever. Even when I’m looking through photographs I always stop at the ones that feature products hanging in space, maybe because the hanging objects have been taken out of context.  It’s like saying hey I’ve got this product what can’t I do with it – hang it. Ohh… that sounds interesting, let’s do it!

Hanging stuff is just another one of those visual merchandising techniques that doesn’t have to cost lots, you just need the merchandise, a few miles of fishing line, good fixing points, preferably some height and some acrobatic skills when it comes to balancing on top of a step ladder. Please don’t ask me to write the risk assessment!

When it comes to hanging stuff there’s some great examples out there, mannequins, teabags, clothes, chairs, you name it and its probably all been suspended in the air at some time or another.
Anthropologie have become masters at it and they lead the way with their use of unusual materials and propensity for hanging lots of stuff in the air, and that’s before they add in the merchandise!

Here’s a few things that caught my attention. 

Let's jump...

What else would you do with dyed teabags?

Hanging around...

Flying high...

Clean sweep...


Good enough to eat...

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  1. Of course, you're so right..... hang it people, it's definitely a talking point!