Tuesday 18 February 2014


When I was a young child I used to love making paper aeroplanes.  I became quite good, making modifications here and there until I perfected my design and managed to make one that good really fly the distance.  After that I moved on to origami, paper sculpture and then anything else I could think of.  It didn’t take a lot to keep me amused for hours as long as I had the stuff to make things. These days with all the new materials and technology at our disposal we have no bounds to our creativity.

Well I’m pleased to say that creating stuff with paper is making a bit of a comeback, possibly on the back of the recent trend in paper cut designs.  Although I haven’t included any paper cut designs here you don’t have to search far to find breathtaking examples of this skilled and technically brilliant artwork. Some of it is truly amazing and leaves you wondering how on earth you can do that with a simple piece of paper.

Paper is such a versatile material it comes in many different weights, different sizes and even rolls, lots of colours, textures and best of all its relatively inexpensive. Apart from these wonderful attributes as long as you’re not too adventurous it’s fairly easy to work with.

For the independent retailer with little to no budget for window and in store displays it’s an ideal material to create visual impact and draw customer attention.  Even the simple paper aeroplane can look impressive, as demonstrated by Selfridges back in 2009 as part of their centenary celebrations. They hung hundreds of small yellow paper aeroplanes in store above their displays and I just loved it! 

You don’t need loads of money to create some attention grabbing displays but what you do need is a stack of paper, scissors, a few other bits and bobs, plenty of patience, lots of effort and of course, a bit of time!








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