Tuesday 18 March 2014


Go green

Colour is one of those special things that can simply brighten our day.  Colour can be powerful, attention grabbing, make you smile and change your mood so it comes as no surprise when we see some of our most successful retailers using it to capture our attention, particularly in the fashion sector.  It’s just a pity that we don’t see so much use of colour across some of our other retail sectors.

Creating an effective colour scheme requires skill and not everyone can do this but, for those that lack confidence in using colour there is an easier option and one that I can guarantee will attract attention.

My advice is to keep it simple, why use lots of colours when in the main one will do!  Shades or tones of the same colour will produce a scheme with dramatic impact in any shop window or in store display.  This is an easy way to achieve professional results, relatively inexpensive and the finished scheme will certainly get people looking.   I hate to use the phrase ‘less is more’ but in terms of developing your colour palette for your next  display or retail campaign this is one hell of a powerful technique to employ.

You have less than three seconds to get a customers attention when they’re walking past your shop. This is one sure way to do this and, there’s an added bonus, when you next change the window you can make dramatic changes simply by selecting a new base colour.  Try it; it will make a difference to the number of customers that come into your shop and who knows you might just become the most talked about retailer on your high street. Now that would be a good bit of PR and marketing!
Greener pastures

Green with envy

In the pink

Yellow fever

Green room

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