Monday 16 June 2014


Over the last few years we've witnessed some pretty amazing video retail campaigns that have inspired us, captured our attention on many levels. Here are five of my favourites...

The original T Mobile flash dance directed by Michael Gracey and still one of my absolute favourites. I wonder if Michael realised at the time what an influence this would have and how many imitators this campaign would generate!

John Lewis set a new benchmark when they first started producing their video campaigns buying into our emotions like no other. We've almost got to a point where Christmas wouldn't be the same without a John Lewis video.

Laugh out load. This never ceases to bring a smile to my face and judging by the number of YouTube hits 106,044,399 and counting its made a lot of people happy... 

What's inspiring about this, apart from its originality, is the uplift in online sales the company achieved following the launch of this low budget video. In the short time since it aired it has generated over 100 million hits on YouTube, nothing short of a phenomenon.  It proves that you don't need massive budgets and big teams, just an original idea!

Just when you thought you had seen it all and the flash mob thing had been done to death along comes this...

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