Monday 28 July 2014


            Once upon a time and before the days of social media the carrier bag was a primary
            source of advertising for retailers. Back in the day it was the shop keeper’s calling 
            card. These days living in a brand aware over packaged society maybe the carrier 
            bag doesn't quite have the staying power it once did. But with the phasing out of
            plastic carrier bags, thank goodness, maybe its time for the paper carrier bag to make
            a comeback. There are some great carrier bags around and, while some might be a
            bit gimmicky they still remind customers of the brand.  In terms of advertising they still
            carry a lot of weight. Sorry about the pun, I just couldn't resist!

            How could I not include the iconic Selfridges bag. How clever were they to choose
            this standout colour!  Smart styling combined with simple design and easily spotted
            in a crowd. What's more, Selfridges not only phased out their plastic carrier bags in
            2006, well ahead of other major retailers, but also make all their packaging
            environmentally friendly.  This design will just keep going, what a sound investment...

           I've seen many variations on this gimmick but this has to be one of my favourites from 
           Turkish retailer YKM.  It not only works visually but it's attention grabbing too! Beautifully 
           designed and perfectly engineered...

            Who says you have to spend a fortune on carrier bag design to get yourself noticed?
            The message on this bag says it all and takes centre stage over the company name
            Verd Poma. A fresh approach playing on our natural curiosity...

            I had to include this simply because I like it. Ted Bakers carrier bag design for the
            holiday season.  Fun, quirky and illuminating...

             OK, so not strictly a carrier bag, although that depends on how you define carrier
             bag. This clearly demonstrates how you can add value for the customer. The
             scribbled handwriting just adds to the effect. You can almost imagine your friend
             enthusiastically writing down the recipe on the back of a plain white paper bag to 
             give to you.  Lots more information than would normally suit my taste but there's
             something nicely handmade about this one and I just like it!.

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