Monday 6 October 2014


On a good day walking down the high street you might just come across a shop window like the one above - visually eye catching with carefully edited products. The implementation maybe simple but above all else there is an obvious sense of humour to this display - #makemesmileretail.

Adding a touch of humour to shop displays and retail campaigns is a sure fired way of engaging your customer, provided it’s done well of course! It creates an emotional response, something that many retail businesses struggle to do.

First and foremost what I love about this window, apart from the fact it caught my eye, is that it made me smile. It’s a simple idea, really well executed and done on an exceedingly tight budget. Yet, it has the same impact as many larger shop window displays operating with much bigger budgets. So here’s why I think this works

    1.  A funny, well thought out simple idea portrayed in a clear visual format.
    2.  The whole display sits within a pyramid shape making it easy for the
         brain to decipher the visual message.
    3.  A great product edit and restricted colour palette which strengthens the
         visual impact.
    4.  Simple props that add to the product display without distracting from the
         merchandise. The props may be handmade but look professional.

For me, the only thing that would have made this even better would have been the addition of a few apt words.

One thing I am certain about is that we need a bit more humour in our day to day lives. It can bring out the best in people. Even if I’m having a bad day something that makes me smile can change my mood instantly, even if only for the briefest moment. I think at times we all need reminding to stop taking ourselves too seriously. 

Young and emerging brands trying to establish their position in the marketplace is not always easy. Humour is one emotional sensation that is fairly easy to embrace and we can all relate to so please, let’s have a bit more…

The composition is not really to my liking but I love this idea. It’s a very refreshing approach to an optician's shop window. Opticians don't always have the best examples of visual merchandising on the high street so this is a pleasant surprise!

White Stuff has produced some great retail campaigns over the years. They always manage to combine strong visual imagery with a play on words. I probably favour this one because the only pet I was allowed to own when I was a little boy was a budgie. If you're interested he was called Jinx, had a bright blue chest and used to play cards…

Evian water babies never fail to make me laugh, I love it! Most of the personality types in this video are friends of mine. This always leaves me with a warm smiley feeling and judging by the amount of YouTube hits, 93,675,672 and counting, I think it does for a lot of other people to... #makemesmileretail

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