Monday 27 October 2014


Work in progress at Fishs Eddy

Well it’s that time of year again as retailers get busy with their Christmas plans and prepare to deck the halls. Everything is in place and ready to roll out over the course of the next few weeks.  Christmas will soon arrive in a cloud of glitter and twinkly lights on our high streets. Everywhere we look we’ll be reminded of the coming festive season across print, social media, on TV and of course on the internet. For customers there really is no escaping and if you’re an independent retailer, don’t leave it too late because if you do, you will miss out!

So for retailers tis the season to be jolly and hopefully over the next few weeks we'll be in for a treat, and a few nice surprises when we venture out to visit our high streets.

The Christmas tree is probably the most iconic part of any decorative scheme so this  week I’ve put together a collection of retailers that have taken the concept of the Christmas tree one step further by making their own, mostly from the stuff they sell.

Hay Stores, Copenhagen

Great product edit and a good way to use a wall to inspire the customer and, it doesn’t need much depth which is a bonus if you’re short on display space.

Now this takes real skill, and time, but I love the simplicity of the finished piece and if you're selling shirts what a way to go...

Tommy Hillfiger Ski Store

A stylised tree made form skis, how cool is this?

So how well does this stack up? Apart from the obvious, books also make great building blocks. I think you can see the options are endless…

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