Tuesday 11 November 2014


Well there really is no escaping it now, last week John Lewis released their 2014 Christmas ad and over the weekend all the other big retailers followed suit. John Lewis have undoubtedly got another massive hit on their hands and for the record, I prefer it to last year’s!  You can only but congratulate their creative team and what is the seamless collaboration of product designers, buyers, film makers and story tellers. 

Commercially speaking there is a good lesson to be learnt here, particularly for smaller independent retailers. In the run up to Christmas the TV ads will keep rolling out, social media platforms will keep sharing and showing us more, we will be reminded constantly across every conceivable communication channel that the Christmas season is upon us as retail businesses compete for our well earned cash.

The Christmas window and in store decorations may have been conceived around your product offer but this is only one part of your Christmas campaign. If you truly want to maximise sales you need to promote your Christmas story to your customers from now until the close of business on Christmas Eve. Gone are the days when installing a fabulous Christmas window display and glamming up the store in festive style was all you needed to make the most of the retail festive season. So the message is quite simple, keep promoting your Christmas campaign!

  • If you haven’t already done so give your campaign a title (it helps focus your thinking), keep it simple so it’s obvious to your customers
  • Plan your communication strategy and list your communication channels along with a timed plan of events
  • After you've installed your Christmas windows and displays don’t just leave it there, keep tweaking and refresh the product mix to keep the customers interested
  • If you’re not already on there get active on social media particularly Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Create something in print to give out or post to customers
  • Use your website homepage to promote what you’re doing
  • If you've got one use your database to contact customers via email
  • Focus your customer service delivery so you’re reinforcing your Christmas campaign
  • Share everything with friends and family because they are your biggest fans and will spread the message
  • Document the results as you go along because if you do, next year will be even better.

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