Thursday 18 December 2014


It’s that time of year again and we may not be dashing through the snow exactly but it sure as hell feels like it! It’s the final countdown to the holidays and it feels like we’re all racing against the clock to get everything ticked off our lists before Christmas Day. I hope you’re not like me adding more things to my ‘to do’ list than crossing things off. By nature I’m an optimistic chappy but at times I can be my own worst enemy and be totally unrealistic with my time.

During this special time we must spare a thought for all the people working in the retail sector during the important Christmas trading period. Following the unbelievable reaction to Black Friday the competition this year is fiercer than ever and the pressure is really on to hit their sales target. Judging by some of the offers on the high street it makes you wonder if there's anything left to tempt customers back in the New Year!

So rather than writing about increasing your marketing activity, refreshing your shop windows, improving your customer service, all of which I know you do, I thought maybe a few motivational quotes might be useful to help get you safely through the next few days…

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