Tuesday 5 May 2015


Using props for visual merchandising is a good thing, isn’t it? Well not always, I’ve seen many windows and in store displays where it’s been difficult to tell what’s prop and what’s merchandise and that’s before we start discussing whether the props are even relevant to the display.

Props are good things when they help to interpret a story, create the theme or provide the background to best show off the merchandise. The image above is a perfect example of how to it so why does it work?

  1. The whole image is setting a scene – a garden bench in a garden, a place to picnic. We don’t need words the image can do this on its own.
  2. The colour palette is restrained and because the background colour and props are essentially the same the merchandise stands out.
  3. Merchandise is arranged in a tight pyramid space and creates a strong focal point.
  4. The selection of the merchandise has been carefully thought out and not over complicated. It’s often harder to leave something out than put something in but here a few key pieces convey the message in seconds.
  5. The overall effect is simple and very easy to understand. It doesn’t over complicate and expect too much from the customer.
  6. It's saying – look at me!

Compared with the top image this window is on a much lower budget but still as effective.
  1. The strong blue background grabs attention and helps cut out the glare from the glass making it easier to see the merchandise.
  2. The quirky use of the wall mounted drawers and chest of drawers on the floor provide a good structure for the merchandise to be displayed on.
  3. The blue colour is carried through onto other props and accessories which tie it into the rest of the display.
  4. The display structure allows for many different shoe arrangements giving the retailer lots of flexibility. Personally I think in this case a few less shoes would have made the image even stronger.
  5. The framed lifestyle picture adds to the display although I can’t say the same for the smaller piece of point of sale on the chest of drawers which looks a bit like an afterthought.
  6. The splash of green is a strong contrast to the blue which helps draw attention.
Above all else you’re not going to walk past this shop without looking… 

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