Monday 26 September 2016


It may be fun, it may be quirky or, it may be just plain right odd, but sometimes shops need a talking point. An object, prop or feature that is just a bit out of the ordinary. And yes, it may take up valuable sales space but, take it away and suddenly the shop has lost its personality, the customer appeal has gone and it’s no longer the unique and intriguing place it once was…

Step into Anthropologie in Regent Street, London and you’ll find
 plenty to talk about…

This pop-up bar has one massive talking point, its name, in lights!

 Merci, Paris, a visual feast which will keep you talking for hours…

ScoutHouse in Australia, just wouldn’t be the same without
 this bike and cart…

Fancy a drink and a chat, meet you at Wine Republic, we'll
have plenty to talk about…

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