Tuesday 2 February 2016


Marc O Polo

Visual impression is so important. We are often told don’t judge a book by its cover but, invariably, this is what we initially do.

A great image relies on good composition. All the individual components, colour, shape, texture, layout and scale come together to make an eye pleasing final image. This is so important in the retail environment because this complete picture is what we see at a distance and, this is what draws us into the shop or, pulls towards a merchandised display.

The image above from the Marc O Polo store in Munich perfectly illustrates good composition and, here’s why

  1. Back wall – this wall unit makes the perfect three dimensional mood board. Beautifully proportioned modular units making full use of the available height, accentuating the merchandise and promoting the brand.
  2. Materials and finishes – the use of a restricted collection of materials and finishes combined with a muted colour palette creates the perfect foil for the stock.
  3. Display – the set displays in the higher boxes create ‘wow’ factor and draw attention to the merchandise, reinforcing the brand identity.
  4. Merchandise – the lower boxes provide the perfect wardrobe space for the clothing and accessories making the product not only accessible but, desirable.
  5. Flooring – this is a masterstroke. The grey and white patterned floor brings fun to this interior space without destroying its stylish charm.
  6. Table – I love tables in retail spaces and this one is no exception. The table in the foreground draws the onlooker into the space.
  7. Nature – the glass bowl of pears and large plant on the wall unit bring life into the space adding colour highlights without loosing control of the refined colour palette.
  8. Lighting – without good lighting we have nothing. Here the lighting is used to massive effect. Concealed lighting highlights the merchandise and creates the magic. The decorative pendant lighting draws the eye upwards towards the higher displays.

Composition isn’t just about two dimensions, in retail, it’s about three. Good composition requires considered planning; it involves excellent product editing, the clever use of scale and layout, a firm hand on the use of colour and a carefully selected collection of materials and finishes. And, like any good production, the best lighting you can afford.

Good composition attracts customers....

All the best

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