Wednesday 10 February 2016


Trade show season is well underway and by now many retailers will have visited at least one trade show this year. Searching out the latest trend setting products is a priority at these events but there is something else that retailers can learn from trade show exhibitions, storytelling!

Companies launching new products onto the marketplace place huge investment in both time and money into their exhibition displays. Why, because they have a short time frame in which to tempt buyers, the competition is immense and within a short space of time, approximately 3 seconds, they need to visually communicate their brand to potential customers.

With this amount of pressure it’s no wonder that many of these companies know exactly how to convey a visual story. They may have limited space but, within it, they manage to merchandise what can be a very eclectic range of stock, making full use of the available floor area and stand height. The best companies will not only have visual impact but strong story lines, making it very easier for buyers to shop their stand. 

There’s a lot that can be learnt from visiting trade shows other than finding the latest products and seeing up and coming trends. Next time you visit a trade show have a good look at how the experts visually communicate a product range or brand to their customers and see if you can apply some of this thinking into your own shop.

Shops are made up of numerous visual images all vying for our attention. The problem is there’s just too many of them; we need a bit of editing if our brains are able to make sense of what we are seeing. Every picture tells a story...

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