Monday 22 August 2016


I’ve said this before and I’m about to say it again, colour is one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract customers.

It’s quite simple really, it doesn’t need to be over complicated, in fact one colour will do. I’m not advocating that you should adopt this technique all the time, unless you’re a niche retailer, but it’s great if you want to spark new customer interest in your shop.

So, if you’re about to change you shop window, refresh your in store display or, create visual content for your digital marketing, here’s my thoughts...
  • Colour – one will do!
  • Coordinate – your colour selection as close as possible.
  • Edit – choose your products carefully and use only those products that fit your colour brief – you don’t need lots and its OK, if not good, to repeat products.
  • Background – decide on your background and how to create it, for instance, painted backboard, paper drop (using fade-less paper, of course), fabric, flat not gathered.
  • Display - plinths and props should be painted or covered to match
  • Texture – often overlooked but this will add creative style to your finished visual.
Pick a colour, any colour...

All the best

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