Monday 15 August 2016


It’s been a while since I put one of these together so, why not start with the all important shop counter. There’s been much research done on shop counters such as, the best position in store, design, size, etc. Other than the counter’s location, which is the most important consideration, visibility has to come next.

Shop counters need to be sitting quietly in the background and not interrupting the customers natural flow but, that doesn't mean they can't be seen. The shopping process needs to run as smooth as possible. Customers need to know where they should go to pay for something, without having to search or ask!

Design aside, my final main point would have to be that counters need to be clear of clutter. This includes impulse buys, there are better places to tempt your customers with add-on purchases. The shop counter is probably the final interaction you will have with your customer so make it a good one. Give your customers space to place their bag and take out their purse/wallet and, allow plenty of space to package the purchased items with due care and consideration.

Here’s a few shop counters I found earlier, good and bad!

Perfect, nothing more to add...

Sorry Millie & Mox, too much going on and, where do I queue?

 Another great example and the mirror is a bonus…

 May seem like a good idea but this is far from being customer friendly…

It’s the merchandising style that makes this work…

All the best

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