Monday 7 March 2016


Mother’s Day just finished in the UK so it’s time for retailers to look for the next sales opportunity and, according to my reckoning that would be Easter!

With Easter arriving so early this year some of the big retailers began installing their Easter campaigns even before Valentine’s Day was over. An unusual combination but, with such a short timeframe to sell stock you can understand their reasons for doing this.

The major retail players are getting ever more inventive with their retail campaigns and promotions during these seasonal events. Isn't it time to see more independent retailers adopting a similar approach?

Yes, it requires effort and maybe some expenditure but, there are sales opportunities to be had so there is no excuse not to indulge your customers, even if it’s on the smallest level.

Easter doesn’t have to be just about the products you sell or, whether or not you think they fit within the Easter theme. You could, for instance, create an Easter promotion. You can apply this to just about any retail business whether you’re selling car tyres, new haircuts, fishing rods or whatever. It doesn’t need to be just about chocolate Easter eggs although, you could always indulge your customers with some free Easter treats. The options are endless, don’t miss the opportunity. In just a few weeks time Easter will be over and then it’s on to the next thing and that might not be quite so easy...

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