Tuesday, 1 March 2016


After what seems like forever, we have at last seen a few days of sunshine and what a difference it makes. Today is the official meteorological start of spring and, although we seem to have reverted to yet another damp grey day, there is a real sense of warmer, brighter weather on the near horizon.

Spring is the time of year when everything is coming to life, it has a positive effect on our wellbeing.  Humans are conditioned to colour and, at different times of the year, colour can have a very positive effect on us. Like most people, my mood can change for the better in line with the colours of the season. So, here’s what I’m thinking, as Easter approaches it’s time to brighten up your retail space, bring in some living green colour and make your customers love you just a little bit more...

It’s been a while since lush planting was used as a feature in public spaces but, I'm pleased to say, this has been changing over the last few years and the signs are good. You can find it all, from complete living walls to beautiful succulents arranged in artfully designed white pots. And. if you really want to be trending right now why not include a collection of cacti, real or knitted, they are all readily available!

If there was ever a right moment to add some spring fresh foliage to your shop space, then this is it!  Make your customers feel good, they’ll hang around that much longer and that can only mean good things will happen...

All the best

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